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Surthycooks, also known as Surthany Hejeij, is a prominent figure in the food influencer industry. Her social media presence is widely recognized, and her videos have garnered a significant following.

She is a passionate food enthusiast who creates engaging content centered around her love for cooking. Through her creative and unique approach to food making, Surthycooks has managed to connect with millions of people around the world who share her love for food.

This article provides information about Who is Surthycooks, including her Wikipedia, religion, nationality, family, husband, and net worth.

Surthany Hejeij
Surthany Hejeij

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Surthany Hejeij Biography

Who is Surthany Hejeij? Well, SurthyCooks is a popular chef known for her blend of Venezuelan and Lebanese cuisines. She has 18M+ followers on TikTok and promotes healthy and nutritious meals to sustain, empower, and energize individuals. She is a cultural ambassador and culinary storyteller who transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes, inspiring millions of foodies and aspiring chefs worldwide.

Surthycooks, also known as Surthany Hejeij, was born on August 4th, 1992 in Lebanon. Although she was born and raised in Lebanon, she currently resides in Venezuela. Her father’s name is Radwan Hejeij and her mother’s name is Hadie Salazar de Hejeij. Surthycooks has an elder sister named Lanna Del Valle.

She has a massive following on social media platforms. Specifically, 28.4 million people follow her on TikTok, and her content receives around 731 million likes. Additionally, she has 5 million followers on Instagram. On YouTube, she has a significant number of subscribers, around 9 million. Furthermore, her Facebook page has 3.7 million followers and continues to grow.

Surthany Hejeij Wikipedia

Real NameSurthany Hejeij
Age31 Years
Birthday4th August 1992
ParentsFather – Radwan Hejeij
Mother- Hadie Salazar de Hejeij
SisterLanna Del Valle
Husband (esposo)Cheaito Hassan
EthnicityVenezuelan and Lebanese
Live inVenezuela
ProfessionFood Influencer
Net Worth$500k to $1Mn
Surthycooks wikipedia

Social Links

TikTok28.4Mn FollowersSurthycooks
Instagram5Mn FollowersSurthycooks
Facebook3.7Mn FollowersSurthycooks
Youtube9Mn FollowersSurthycooks

Surthycooks Age

How old is Surthycooks? We have well researched and found that Surthany Hejeij aka Surthycooks is 31 years old only. Her birthday is on 4th August 1992.

Surthany Hejeij Religion

Through our research, we have discovered that Surthycooks, a talented culinary artist, hails from the Muslim community. However, what makes her truly remarkable is her ability to blend Venezuelan and Lebanese cuisine, resulting in a mouth-watering and unique culinary experience. Surthany Hejeij has won the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide with her innovative cooking techniques that showcase a harmonious blend of different cultural influences. Her videos offer a delightful insight into the diverse and rich culinary traditions of different regions and cultures, making her a celebrated figure in the culinary world.

Surthany Hejeij Family

In Surthycooks family, there are four people – her husband, two babies, and herself. In addition to them, she also has an elder sister named Lanna Del Valle. Currently, we do not have much information about her parents, as we are still researching this topic.

Surthany Hejeij Husband and Married Life

Our team conducted thorough research to find out who is Surthycooks husband (esposo), and we discovered that his name is Cheaito Hassan. Surthany Hejeij has been married to him for 14 years, and they have been blessed with a baby boy and a girl.

Surthany Hejeij family
Surthany Hejeij family

Surthycooks Nationality

As already discussed above, the country name of Surthany Hejeij is Lebanon. So, her nationality is Lebanese. But her cooking passion makes her famous worldwide.

Surthany Hejeij Net Worth

It is not yet clear how much she earns as she has not disclosed her earnings. However, considering that she has millions of followers on social media, it is evident that she has multiple sources of income. Based on our estimation, her net worth ranges between $500k to $1Mn. We are assuming that her net worth will be $1Mn to $1.5Mn in 2024.


  • Surthycooks Who is she?

    Surthycooks, also known as Surthany Hejeij, is a prominent figure in the food influencer industry.

  • Where is Surthycooks from?

    She is from Labanon.

  • Where does Surthycooks live?

    Currently, she is living in Venezuela.

  • Is Surthycooks Muslim?

    Yes, she is from Muslim community.

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