Who is Lukas Lakutsin Wife? All About Samantha Skolkin Height, Weight, and Story

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Who is Lucas Lakutsin Girlfriend
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Those who are using TikTok, almost everyone know Lucas Lakutsin. He is an American model, Bodybuilder and Actor, known for his humongous height. But do you Who is Lukas Lakutsin Wife? if not then this article is for you.

It always better when anyone choose their life partner, who have same goal as have you. So, his girlfriend also is a fitness trainer and have a good bodybuilding background.

This article share, everything about Lucas Lakutsin wife, including her name, height, weight, and many more. Just keep reading and supporting us.

Lukas Lakutsin girlfriend
Lukas Lakutsin’s Girlfriend

However if you are very much interested to know Lukas Lakutsin Height, Weight and secrets of his great physics. You can read linked article.

Who is Lukas Lakutsin Wife?

You often see Lucas and his girlfriend working hard in the gym. They are both professional bodybuilders with an inspiring background story from the very beginning. For those who want to know Lucas Lakutsin girlfriend name, her name is Samantha Skolkin. More information about her can be found below.

Some of his followers want to who is Lucas Lakutsin Wife? Lucas is still not married, but he and Samantha will get married soon.

Lukas Lakutsin Wife
Lukas Lakutsin Wife

All About Samantha Skolkin

Samantha loved fitness since she was young. She did many sports, but gymnastics was her favorite. Her dad had a gym in their basement, and she enjoyed watching him bodybuild. Her upbringing around fitness likely influenced her passion for it.

Samantha Skolkin is a renowned trainer from Brooklyn, New York. Her incredible physique and success in fitness competitions gained her fame on Instagram. She was voted NYC’s hottest personal trainer in 2015, but initially, she was pursuing a career in fashion before discovering her passion for fitness.

She was born on 10th February 1990. Currently, she resides in New York city. She has satisfying followers on Instagram. Samantha has 549k followers on Instagram, account name @xxsamanthafit. As a fitness trainer she runs various level of Squat program for females.

Samantha Skolkin Wikipedia

NameSamantha Skolkin
Age33 years
Birthday10th February 1990
Height5′ 11″ / 180 cm
Weight70 Kg / 154 lbs
CareerFitness Trainer
Live inNew York City
Boyfriend Lukas Lakutsin
ParentsFather Mr. Skolkin

Lukas Lakutsin Girlfriend Height / Weight

The straight meaning of this heading is How tall Samantha Skolkin is? Our research team found that Samnatha height is 180 cm or 5ft 11 inches. Also her weight is 70 kg or 154 lbs.

Is Samantha Skolkin Lucas Lakutsin’s wife?

We don’t have any proof, but our team found that Samantha and Lukas are in a relationship. Although they are not married yet, they are planning to get married soon. Therefore, Lukas Lakutsin’s future wife will be Samantha Skolkin.

How Long They are Together?

As per our research they are they are together since long time. It has not still confirmed how much long they are dating each other. Stay conned with us, we will update all about their relationships.

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