Who is Notorious Foodie?

Whose passionately creating food content and gaining millions of views on his videos on social media.

By Mister Ram | Feb 27, 2024

He's a renowned culinary expert, known for his passion and unique approach to cooking. He has become a prominent figure in the food blogging community.

He is a renowned social media food influencer hailing from London, has garnered a significant following due to his innovative recipes and insightful reviews

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TikTok - 5 million Instagram - 2.9 million FaceBook - 3.1 million

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He was born in 1990,  is currently 33 years old and he is from London, UK..

We're currently unsure of Notorious Foodie's real name. Some fans call him Shamik Mishra, but we don't have any confirmed information.

We are estimating that Notorious Foodie net worth is $250k to $500k.

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