Van Toan Lam

By Mister Ram | FEB 28,, 2024

Whose piano playing skill makes him popular on social media.

Van Toan, a Parisian pianist, became an internet sensation by performing in public places and connecting with his audience through his unique style.

His passion for music and hard work have inspired aspiring musicians. With his talent and dedication, he'll continue to make an impact in the music industry.

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TikTok - 10 million Instagram - 2.1 million Youtube - 4 million

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He is 24 years of old as of 2024 and he is from Paris, Frence.

He's gained popularity by playing piano in public places based on strangers' requests. Around 200 million people have enjoyed his performances.

Van Toan owns "Apollam," an event agency. His net worth is estimated to be between $500000 to $1000000.

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